Certification Process

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You have one year to become certified. This starts from the time you receive your manuals and videos to the time you send in your packet for review for certification.

After you have finished watching the videos and have read the manuals, please email us at info@birthbehindbars.com. We will send you the certification packet for you to complete.

Step 1. Register and pay for the BBB course.

Complete a simple online form and pay with a debit or credit card. Click below to get started!

Register Now

Step 2. Receive your manual and access to online videos.

Once we've manually reviewed and approved your application, you'll receive access to our online video training. We'll also mail a training manual to your home. All of this is included in the registration fee. 

Step 3. Complete the required reading.

Besides the manuals, you need to read at least one book from each section. You don't need to reread any books you've previously read as part of the certification process with you birth organization. 

See the Reading List

Step 4. Write a brief essay.

Write a 500 – 1,000 word document that outlines the importance of having certified programs for pregnant inmates and how you plan to incorporate this certification in a jail or prison. Please include the name of the facility you wish to work in. 

Step 5. Send proof of membership to an established birth organization.

Send in copies (not originals) of all of your certification certificates and diplomas and all of the required paperwork from your Certification Packet. Please send documents to our office using US mail.  DO NOT send with a signature required for pick up. Please send in a large envelope. Do not send in a binder or folder of any type. (A file folder is acceptable)

Step 6. Congratulations! You are part of the Birth Behind Bars Community.

As a certified Birth Behind Bars professional, you have access to ongoing support including a community of doulas who share stories, encouragement, and insight from their own experiences. You'll also have direct access to our founder Janice Banther and be permitted to use the Birth Behind Bars logo on your business card. Best of all, you'll be prepared to serve women and babies who need the care of a doula like you. 

Ready to get a new life off to a better start?

We are here for you every step of the way. It is our mission to support you throughout your Birth Behind Bars training process and after certification. We want you to be successful! Contact us now to learn how.

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