Social Media Policy


Birth Behind Bars understands that employees are participating in social media such as blogs, FaceBook, twitter, Linkedin, Wikipedia, forums, etc. The purpose of this policy is to provide employees and contractors with guidelines and helpful practical advice with the objective or protecting you as well as Birth Behind Bars.


This Social Media Policy applies to every Birth Behind Bars member who uses any of the following:

• Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.

• Blogs (whether you have your own blog, contribute to someone else’s blog, or leave comments on other’s blogs).

• Video sharing sites such as YouTube.

• Wikis such as Wikipedia.

You Have No Privacy

Everything that you publish online is available to everyone forever. Expect that anyone and everyone will have access to anything and everything that you publish online. If you don’t want others to read, share, and discuss this, then don’t publish it online anywhere.

Personal Responsibility

You are personally responsible for content you publish on social media sites. If you make derogatory comments online about Birth Behind Bars, it’s management, or contractors, then you can expect management to treat it no differently than if you had posted it on the company bulletin board.

If you identify yourself as a Birth Behind Bars Member or Certified Educator, at any time on any online sites, then others will see you as a ‘Face of Birth Behind Bars’. Ensure that all of your online profile, content, and activities do not reflect negatively upon Birth Behind Bars.

If possible, include a disclaimer such as “Statements made by me reflect my own opinions. They do not represent the views, positions, or opinions of Birth Behind Bars.”

Regardless of forum or topic, do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or post derogatory, inflammatory, or offensive statements. Show proper considerations for other’s privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable such as politics and religion.

Because you are legally responsible for your postings, you may be subject to liability if your posts are found defamatory, harassing, or in violation of any other applicable law.


Your internet postings should not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary to Birth Behind Bars or to any third party that has disclosed information to the organization. 

Your internet postings should not include Birth Behind Bars logos or trademarks, and should respect copyright, privacy, fair use, financial disclosure, and other applicable laws.

You are not a Spokesperson for Birth Behind Bars.

Do not create a blog, FaceBook page, or other internet presence that has the appearance of being officially sanctioned by Birth Behind Bars. 

Do not post on your personal blog, FaceBook page, or other internet presence about Birth Behind Bars business until it has been officially posted on organization pages by management.

Avoid using your company email address (when relevant) so as to avoid presenting the appearance that you may be speaking in an official capacity for the organization.

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