Training for Birth Professionals to Care for Pregnant Inmates

Make a difference for women who live in the shadows of life

Pregnant Inmates By the Numbers


of the Prison Population are pregnant


Women enter jail pregnant


will give birth while incarcerated


of Female Prisoners are mothers

Pregnant inmates deserve prenatal care and education. As a birth professional, you can help.

Do you want to make a difference as a birth professional to help with this growing problem but don't know how?

Navigating the jails and prisons can be a challenge. Birth Behind Bars Training will help you to learn how to go into jails where most volunteers are not allowed to go and work with pregnant women.

Pregnant inmates desperately need to learn how to bond with their babies in utero and after birth.

You can make a difference in this process. However, it can be overwhelming and frustrating to know how to work with the prison population without specific training. You can learn the skills you need with the Birth Behind Bars Training.

It's not right that pregnant women in the correctional system aren't able to get access to the services of birth professionals.

Use your skills as a birth professional to provide childbirth classes, parenting classes, doula services, labor support, and personal counseling to hundreds of inmates.

Birth Behind Bars Curriculum

incarcerated mother with baby

Navigate the Correctional System

Understand the system where pregnant inmates reside.

Pre and Post-Partum Education

Learn a curriculum that allows you to teach pre and post-partum classes to inmates.

Doula with an Inmate

Adapt your doula skills to the remarkable situations in jails and prisons.

"When a pregnant inmate enters the prison, there are 2 people. One of them broke the law and is serving their time. The other one is innocent. The innocent one deserves the best start in life."

Janice Banther of Birth Behind Bars hold a newborn baby

Meet Janice Banther

Janice Banther has been working as a birth professional with pregnant inmates since 1991. She’s seen the transformations that are possible for pregnant inmates when they have the assistance of birth professionals while in correctional facilities. 

Women who often don’t even know their due dates are taught how to have self-respect and to care for their babies. The result is an increase in self-confidence and a reduction in birth trauma.

As the founder of Birth Behind Bars, Janice developed the Certification Program for Birth Professionals after she worked as a birth educator and doula with inmates for over seventeen years. She has compiled specific resources to help you to understand the unique needs of pregnant inmates. 

The Birth Behind Bars Difference

As a birth professional, you want to make a positive difference to pregnant inmates. But it’s confusing and overwhelming to understand how to serve the specific needs of the prison population. If you’re like many interested in this work, you’ve probably wondered if there was a resource to help you learn how to care for these forgotten women.

At Birth Behind Bars, we understand because we’ve been caring for pregnant inmates since 1991. Like you, we know that all women deserve a nurtured pregnancy, no matter their circumstances.

We’ve helped birth professionals from all across North America just like you experience the fulfillment of helping women who are truly alone. Your work will benefit not only the mother but will also increase the bond to the baby. Thus beginning a new life with the love and support it will not otherwise receive.

We are committed to helping you care for pregnant inmates. The process is simple–click the registration button to begin your Birth Behind Bars journey. Once you register, you’ll have taken the first step to put a pregnant inmate at ease, as you guide her throughout her pregnancy. If you have questions, email us.

We are here to give you the resources and training you need to make a positive difference in the lives of women who are left in the shadows.

Register for the Certification Program now, so you can get started helping women and their babies as soon as possible.

Begin Your Birth Behind Bars Journey

Four steps to receiving the resources and training you need.

1. Register and Pay for the Course
2. Take the Online Course and Receive Your Manual in the Mail
3. Send in your paperwork
4. Congratulations! You are a certified Birth Behind Bars Professional!

Ready to get a new life off to a better start?

We are here for you every step of the way. It is our mission to support you throughout your Birth Behind Bars training process and after certification. We want you to be successful! Contact us now to learn how.


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